Riara Law Journal

One of the key objectives of the Riara Law School is to foster legal scholarship, advance African legal thought as well as to nurture world-class academic capability at Riara University.  The Riara Law School aims to nurture legal scholarship among members of its community, within the legal profession, as well as legal academia by providing an innovative, authoritative and objective voice on emergent issues affecting our society. This will also contribute meaningfully to reforms and influencing ongoing legal, political and institutional decision making at various levels.

The Riara Law Journal is envisaged as a leading a peer-reviewed publication of the Riara Law School, devoted to provide a platform for lawyers, academics, practitioners and legal scholars to research and publish on topics related to legal innovation in diverse topics pertinent and relevant to the promotion of legal scholarship in Africa.


Riara Law Review

The Riara Law Review is a student edited, scholarly peer reviewed publication on legal topics that provides a platform for legal scholarship, legal debate and advances the study and development of law.


Riara University Institutional Repository