The Riara Center for Legal Innovation(RCLI) is a research and training center established under Riara University. RCLI was launched in 2023 under the leadership of its Director Elizabeth Gitari-Mitaru.

The center is a dynamic hub focusing on cutting-edge legal domains, particularly technology and law, climate change law, and emerging fields. Recognized as a thought leader, we operate as a think tank, conducting research and advocating for legislative measures to bridge legal gaps. We actively engage in the development of comprehensive climate change legislation, addressing significant challenges to sustainable development.
In the realm of technology and law, we explore the legal implications of emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Our commitment extends to proposing robust legal frameworks that not only tackle technological challenges but also safeguard data protection and consumer rights. Overall, we aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, contributing to advanced legal thought and impactful policy formulation.

Our mission is to study, create and share knowledge foster innovation in various fields in law. We aim to contribute valuable insights that inform policy regulations positioning us at the forefront of legal discourse and innovation.

Our vision is to emerge as the foremost authority in environmental training research, spearheading legal discourse, fostering innovation, and driving research excellence in Kenya and across East Africa.

– LawyersHub
– Natural Justice

– IEMCC Africa Regional Rounds Moot Court Competition 19/1/24
– Inaugural Mentorship Workshop: Exploring and Exploiting new areas of law practice 29/9/23

Email : rcli@riarauniversity.ac.ke
Address 49940-00100 Nairobi
Location : Riara University , Raila Odinga Road.