Riara University Law School accreditation mentioned in Daily Nation Post.

Riara University Law School accreditation mentioned in Daily Nation Post.

Riara Law school was mentioned as one of three universities in Kenya to have full accreditation by the Council of Legal Education on a post in the Daily Nation on  21st April 2013. Read the full story below courtesy of the Daily Nation.

The country’s oldest law school at the University of Nairobi is set to construct a moot court and hire new lecturers to cope with demands from an increasing number of students seeking law degrees.

The establishment of a moot court — which is used by law students to simulate real cases — is also one of the requirements of the Council for Legal Education (CLE) before they can renew the accreditation of the school founded in 1970.

The law school is yet to get accreditation from the CLE. Council Director Prof Wanyama Kulundu-Bitonye, has also demanded that the ratio of lecturers to students be capped at 15. Currently, one lecturer is teaching about 30 students or more in the institution that has more than 1,700 students studying law.

Prof Kulundu has also asked the institution that offers masters and doctoral programmes to buy more books for the library and increase its online content.

“The Council of Legal Education cautions members of the public and parents from enrolling in any institution, whether locally or foreign, without first confirming their accreditation status and admissibility of their legal education qualifications with the CLE,” said Prof Kulundu.

“The Kenya School of Law’s graduate programme will not admit students from institutions that have not been duly accredited locally or in their respective countries,” he added.

According to CLE requirements, an institution offering law degrees must have at least five copies of core titles for each course and 2,000 electronic journals and other relevant books on law.

In Kenya, Prof Kulundu noted that Kenyatta, Riara and Strathmore universities have been fully accredited.

Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, Moi University, Africa Nazarene University, Mount Kenya University, Kabarak University — Main Campus — and Presbyterian University of East Africa have provisional certificates. The certificate of full accreditation offered by CLE is valid for a period of four years.
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